Walk In Beauty, solo show
14 July – 7 September 2014
Project room, Casino Luxembourg

Curators : Kevin Muhlen and Christine Walentiny

Presentation of the show on e-flux (EN)

Essays, interviews and reviews:
Béatrice Balcou au Casino Luxembourg by Rozenn Canevet in Artpress #416 (FR/EN)
Béatrice Balcou, In Praise of Gesture by Rozenn Canevet in Art Handler #01 (EN)
Béatrice Balcou, Walk In Beauty by Christophe Gallois in Traces n°3 (FR)
Untitled Ceremony #03, essay by Eva Wittocx in Untitled, edited by Casino Luxembourg (EN/FR)
Dance Operator, essay by Vanessa Desclaux in Untitled, edited by Casino Luxembourg (EN/FR)
La Chambre de soie, essay by Christine Walentiny in Untitled, edited by Casino Luxembourg (EN/FR)
La séduction du regard by Septembre Tiberghien in Hippocampe #18 (FR)
Béatrice Balcou au Casino Luxembourg, interview with Florence Cheval in H-ART #129 (FR)

Interview during the preparation of the performance Untitled Ceremony #03 (with the performers) and of the exhibition "Walk in Beauty" (FR subtitled in EN)