Born in France in 1976 and now living in Brussels, Béatrice Balcou creates situations whose exhibition rituals challenge our way of looking at and perceiving art and its artefacts. In performances she calls Ceremonies, in which she intensifies the process of unpacking, contemplating and repacking a work by another artist, she spins a kind of unbroken strand between the work's periods of sleep and wakefulness. In her orchestration of different relationships between art, work and repose, she blurs the conventional distinctions between the phases of production, diffusion and consumption, and calls into question the allocation of their roles.

Selected press, interviews and essays:

Par les temps qui courent, interview by Romain de Becdelievre, France Culture (radio), 2019 (FR)

Les Objets de la négociation, by Émilie Renard, L'art Même#77, 2019 (FR)

Répétition et différence: répliques originales d'artistes, by Béatrice Gross, The Art News Paper, 2019 (FR)

L’économie des apostrophes, review by Camille Paulhan, Revue Esse arts + opinions (Empathie) #95, 2019 (FR)

Portrait, by Céline Garcia-Carré, L'ŒIL - n° 719, 2018 (FR)

Portrait of the artist as a long-distance runner (...), by Vanessa Desclaux, Zérodeux#78, 2016 (EN-FR)

Un Espace créé par trois pas en arrière, by Daniel Blanga Gubbay, L'art Même#69, 2016 (FR)

Devrim Bayar & Zoe Gray: Conversation with Béatrice Balcou, 2015 (EN-FR)

Béatrice Balcou “Walk In Beauty” », by Christophe Gallois, Traces n° 3, Casino Luxembourg, 2015 (FR)

Untitled Ceremony #03, by Eva Wittocx, 2014 (EN-FR)

A Restless Interlude: Béatrice Balcou at FRAC Franche-Comté, by Vanessa Desclaux, Afterall on line, 2014 (EN)

Béatrice Balcou, In praise of gesture, by Rozenn Canevet, Art Handler #01, 2014 (EN)

La Séduction du regard, by Septembre Tiberghien, Hippocampe n°18, 2014 (FR)

Chaque Chose en son temps, review by Florence Cheval, Le Salon, 2013 (FR)