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The K. Miyamoto Boxes

Okoumé, beech, oak, birch, meranti, red cedar, fir, silk paper and black acrylic paint
Variable dimensions
Production : L'Iselp, Brussels
FRAC Franche-Comté Collection, France

A series of seven boxes containing replicas in wood inspired by the works of the artist Kazuko Miyamoto, those that had been damaged, destroyed, disappeared or had simply not received an interest from curators. Some of these "placebo" works are on show, while others are stowed away in their boxes. During the activation of the piece, the artist herself or mediators invite one or two spectators to move them, put them to one side or unpack new works, possibly in the presence of other visitors, thereby giving the latter an impression of the events that regularly take place in the run-up to an exhibition. Each box contains a picture of the original work and its description.

Read the text by Vanessa Desclaux (FR/EN) and the press release for the show at Exile, Berlin (EN)