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Measurements of Bojan Šarčević’s work

Pencil and ballpoint on tissue paper, adhesive tape, walnut frame
84.3 x 73.6 cm

"Measurements of Bojan Šarčević’s work" was made using the work itself, with assistance from the registrar at Mudam Museum of Modern Art in Luxembourg. The challenge was to transfer as exactly as possible the measurements of a part of Bojan Šarčević’s original: a fragile, irregular tree branch. The measurements help define the works to be copied and provide an experience of their materiality, while at the same time obscuring them so as to to focus on the way they are approached. (from the exhibition booklet, La Ferme du Buisson CAC, Noisiel/Paris, 2018)

Measurements of Yuki Okumura’s work

Drawing and printing on paper from a book about Japanese theatre, walnut frame
42.8 x 52 cm each

During the month of August 2018, Béatrice Balcou spent time physically traveling to meet works by artist Yuki Okumura - most of them stored in various collections in Tokyo - and measuring them. Some very vague spatial indications of the works are written in the bottom of the drawings, conjuring up her itinerary in a manner more poetic than geographical. (from the exhibition booklet, La Ferme du Buisson CAC, Noisiel/Paris, 2018)