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Konzeptuellt Wierk, Protokoll (Ask the guardian)

Two framed rotogravures, an archive box (containing a contract, photographs, mails and essays)
75.5 x 94.5 x 3 cm and 73.5 x 94.5 x 1.5 cm (frames), 34 x 27 x 11 cm (box)
Production: La Galerie Contemporary Art Center, Noisy-le-Sec
Collection FRAC Ile-de-France, Paris

The guards / mediators of a museum study various documents contained in an archive box, relating to the restoration of two rotogravures installed on the wall. Then they share - orally - what they remember with the visitors.

Read an extract from a text by Bruno Blanche (FR) on the occasion of a guided tour at La Galerie Contemporary Art Center (Noisy-le-Sec/Paris) on May 20, 2017.