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The Assistant Pieces

Variables dimensions
2016 - ongoing

Pins for R.Heyvaert, beechwood, 18 mm, 2019
Photo © Béatrice Balcou

Nail for I. Ist Huzjan, beechwood, 4.3 cm, 2017
Photo © Isabelle Arthuis

Four wedges for D. de Tscharner, beechwood, 15 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm, 2017
Photo © Émile Ouroumov

Picture rail, hanger and hook for T. Lowe, beechwood, 54.3 x 3 x 107 cm, 2017
Photo © Émile Ouroumov

Plank for V. Goalec, meranti, 40.7 x 6 x 23 cm, 2017
With Untitled Portrait No. 1 by Valérian Goalec, electrogalvanised steel, found objects, 24 x 15 x 169 cm, 2017
Photo © Émile Ouroumov

Pedestal for E. Hock, meranti, 41 x 37 x 66 cm, 2017
Photo © Émile Ouroumov

Walls for K. Miyamoto, Painted oak, 127 x 130 X 115.7 cm, 2016
With Illusion of Trail Dinosaur (remake) by Kazuko Miyamoto, String and nails, 1979
Photo © Émile Ouroumov

The Assistance Pieces are intended to assist – to back up physically or conceptually – the work of another artist, while claiming to remain autonomous. Most often made in wood, the works visualize the often invisible aids used to display them, like a shelf, a nail, a stand or a hanging system. They are displayed with - or separately from the "assisted" artworks, as pieces that remind us of their absence. A discussion takes place between the two artists before the piece is made and during its installation. It is often during this final stage that questions arise regarding the dependence/autonomy issue of the works.